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General Dentistry Services

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In contrast to specialists who primarily concentrate on a specific aspect of dental care, general dentists offer a broad range of essential services to maintain your overall oral health.

Our services to maintain your Beautiful Smiles for a lifetime include:

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When Should You See a General Dentist?

The general rule to schedule an appointment with your general dentist is every six months. However, if you notice any issues with your oral health, such as bleeding gums or a toothache, it is important to seek dental care promptly. If you are interested in cosmetic procedures, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office for more information.

Remember that the frequency of routine dental appointments varies depending on your individual needs. Your dentist may recommend appointments every three months or at different intervals.

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What Sets University Ave Dental Apart?

At University Ave Dental, we are a dedicated team of professionals providing compassionate and customized dental care.

We acknowledge that each patient has distinct requirements and preferences. It is our responsibility to understand your distinctive situation and address any concerns you may have regarding your dental health.

We are immensely proud to provide you with-

  • Individualized attention

We ensure you comprehend your treatment options and design a personalized plan that suits your unique health and dental requirements.

  • Unmatched expertise

We are committed to serving individuals with our ongoing and emergency dental care expertise.

Quality dental care for everyone without breaking the bank.

Dr. Dominic Milano

Dr. Dominic Milano had a passion for dentistry from a young age, having been inspired by his childhood dentist, who showed him how dentistry is not just a science but an art. This led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Michigan State University and, subsequently, a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.


One of Dr. Milano’s greatest joys as a dentist is building relationships with his patients and providing them with the best possible care. He treats his patients like family, ensuring they are comfortable and leave the office happier than when they arrived.


In order to stay up to date with the most delinquent advancements in dentistry, Dr. Milano regularly attends continuing education courses. He is a member of various professional organizations, including the Minnesota Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Dental Association.

Dr. Dominic Milano

Dr. Don Blakeslee

Dr. Blakeslee is a home-grown talent who received his degree from the University of Minnesota and is dedicated to delivering the best possible care to his patients. With a kind smile and gentle demeanor, he is committed to understanding each patient’s needs and ensuring their best interest is always at heart.


Dr. Blakeslee treats every patient like family, putting them at ease with his quick-witted humor during seemingly complex dental appointments. Stop by University Ave Dental to meet Dr. Blakeslee and experience his compassionate care firsthand.

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University Ave Dental offers comprehensive, high-quality general dentistry services to help maintain optimal oral health. Our experienced general dentists provide a wide range of preventive, restorative, and pediatric dental treatments while utilizing the latest technology and techniques.

Patients can trust that they will receive personalized and compassionate care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. With affordable services and convenient appointment scheduling, University Ave Dental is ideal for all your general dentistry needs.

So Hurry! To schedule an appointment, call us at 763.784.1242 or email us at You can swing by our clinic located at 10155 University Ave NE, suite #112, Blaine, for a personalized dental care experience.

At every six month check-up, Dr. Milano will check your dental health. Making sure you are free from signs of dental health issues. Your hygienist will give your teeth a power wash and scrup to remove any bacteria, tartar or plaque that have built up in areas where your toothbrush or floss can’t get too. Give us a call or contact us online today to schedule an appointment with our Blaine office to help with your dental health maintenance!

Periodontal disease affects half of adults in America! Most of this is due to a lack of proper oral hygiene care. Bacteria builds up along the gums, invading the tissue surrounding the teeth. When not treated early, the symptoms worsen and the disease becomes irreversible. You may be suffering from periodontal disease if you feel tenderness, swelling gums, bleeding while toothbrushing, dark or reddish gums, bad breath that won’t go away, loosening teeth, and receding gum lines. If you notice any of these symptoms, call University Ave Dental right away to get judgement-free, quality dental care.

Like a clear coat that protects outdoor furniture, dental sealants protect the deep grooves on the chewing surface of a tooth. The sealant keeps sugars and acids from getting stuck in these natural cracks. Sealants are often used in pediatric dentistry to prevent the child from developing cavities. If you’re interested in protecting your teeth, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars that don’t come in until your late teens or early twenties. The biggest issues they create is overcrowding and infections in the gum. It’s important for you to see your dentist when wisdom teeth begin to erupt to asses and determining whether they need to be removed.

If your wisdom teeth become painful, itchy, or cause swelling in your mouth, these are signals to have them removed. Give us a call today to set up a consultation with University Ave Dental.