Yellowed teeth can render even the most confident people embarrassed when attempting to smile. Everyone would love to have a dazzling white smile, but the sad truth is that our teeth tend to discolor very quickly. With the numerous whitening options now available, it only makes sense to ask – How long does teeth whitening last?

As more and more people pay for this increasingly popular cosmetic dental procedure, it would only benefit us to know how long teeth whitening lasts and how you can maintain your pearly whites. So let’s get started and find out!

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last

The answer to this question is – 

It depends. 

Yes, that is the answer, albeit frustratingly so. You see, there are multiple methods to get your teeth whitened, and how this process is carried out determines how long the results last. 

Factors that Determine ‘How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?’

Type of Stain

There are usually two types of stains that discolor your teeth. Intrinsic stains are generated from within the teeth and are often a result of some kind of trauma or medications. These are more difficult to treat and require professional whitening.

Extrinsic stains cause discoloring on the surface of your teeth and are usually a result of ingesting staining food and beverages such as bbq sauces, red wine, coffee, dark chocolate, soy sauce, etc. These stains are easier to treat. 

Type of Food & Drinks Consumed

Consuming dark-colored liquids such as coffee, red wine, or tea can quickly yellow your teeth. Colorful or acidic foods such as soy sauce and turmeric can also discolor your teeth. Indeed, these foods cannot simply be avoided, but it would be good to consider their consumption while in taking them. 

Your Age

Age is another factor to consider when pondering upon ‘How long does teeth whitening last?’. As a person grows older, their teeth start to yellow much faster. This is because age reduces the thickness of the top layer of our enamel. This exposes the inner dentin, which is naturally yellow and may make your teeth appear yellow. 

Type of Teeth Whitening Method

The type of whitening method you go for plays a significant part in determining how long the results will last. You can expect longer-lasting results according to the whitening treatment you choose. 

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last With Different Types of Whitening Methods?

Different Types of Whitening Methods

The method you use for brightening up your teeth tends to have the most significant impact on the longevity of the results. Here are some teeth whitening methods and how long the results usually last. 

Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Over-the-counter whitening products contain low amounts of bleaching agents that can brighten up your teeth. They do, however, require extended use to produce results.

Whitening Toothpaste: These products use mild chemicals to remove extrinsic stains. They can make your teeth look bright for a short while, but long-term effects are doubtful. 

Whitening Mouthwash: Mouthwashes contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide that help loosen the stains from your teeth. They might not have a substantial effect, though, due to the minimal amount of contact time they have with your teeth. 

Whitening Strips: These strips are coated with hydrogen peroxide and can give results that last a few weeks to a few months.

Home Remedies

When people talk about how to do teeth whitening, natural remedies are always mentioned. These home remedies are the preferred go-to method for most people as they are less expensive. Using natural oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, and avocado oil or applying baking soda on your teeth are methods people swear by. 

However, baking soda is highly abrasive and can harm your teeth in the long run. Natural oils can improve the health of your gums and oral cavity, but their actual whitening effects are yet to be proven. 

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the methods that can give you a very favorable reply to your question, “How long does teeth whitening last?”. If you wish for your newly whitened teeth to last for a long time, then professional whitening is your best choice. 

In-Office Bleaching: In this treatment, the dentist uses a potent bleaching agent to brighten your teeth in one visit. This process is professionally monitored and can give you a beautiful white smile lasting at least one to three years.

At-Home Whitening with Professional Supervision: Patients use a teeth whitening kit at home under their dentist’s supervision. Positive results appear within two to three weeks and can last for one year, maybe more. 

Laser Teeth Whitening: The dentist uses a pen-like laser to encourage oxygen-rich molecules to take effect in the tooth whitening gel applied to your teeth. The laser is used to activate this gel and break down the staining molecules, thus, lightening the shade of your teeth. You can enjoy a new white smile for six months to 1 year by practicing good oral hygiene habits.

How Can You Maintain Your Whitened Teeth?

How Can You Maintain Your Whitened Teeth

Now that we know “How long does teeth whitening last?” with different types of whitening methods, we should also be informed about how to maintain your teeth whitening after the procedure. 

Treat Bruxism: Grinding your teeth exerts extra pressure on them, speeding up their aging process and causing your teeth to go yellow. 

Alter Your Diet: Avoid staining food and beverage items to reduce extrinsic stains. 

Quit Smoking: Smoking causes severe staining of the enamel. Just quit smoking to keep your teeth white for a longer period. 

Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions: After receiving professional teeth whitening, follow your dentist’s instructions to ensure long-lasting results. 

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How long your teeth whitening lasts entirely depends on the expertise of your dentist and the professional teeth whitening process they perform. 

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