Dental crowns significantly enhance the function and appearance of a damaged tooth. However, like any dental care solution, dental crowns can sometimes have concerns. From sensitivity to chipping and even loosening, these complications can affect the longevity and effectiveness of your crown. 

Understanding these common dental crown problems and how to fix them is crucial to ensuring your crown remains in good condition for many years. 

This blog discusses the top five dental crown complications and their solutions.

dental crown

Top 5 Dental Crown Problems and Solutions

1. Tooth Sensitivity 

Problem: Some patients experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages after getting a dental crown. This occurs because the tooth beneath the crown is sensitive from the placement process or does not fit well. Sensitivity occurs as the underlying tooth or root is exposed to temperature changes.


Tooth Sensitivity

2. Crown Chipping or Fracture 

Problem: Dental crowns are made to be long-lasting, though they can chip or fracture, especially those made of porcelain. This can occur due to injury, bruxism, or chewing on hard foods.


Crown Chipping

3. Dark Line along the Gum 

Problem: A dark line may appear along the gum of a crowned tooth, particularly with porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns. This occurs as the gums recede, exposing the crown’s metallic structure.


Problem: A crown can become loose due to decay of underlying teeth, washing out of cement, or an accident. A loose crown may allow bacteria into the area between the crown and the tooth, resulting in tooth decay or an infection. 


Loose Crown

5. Crown Falling Off 

Problem: The crown might be lost due to increasing decay under the crown. This needs intervention before further damage and discomfort occur to the underlying tooth. 



Dental crowns are an effective solution for treating damaged teeth, but they can be challenging. By understanding common dental crown problems like sensitivity, chipping, loose crowns, dark lines, and falling crowns, you can better manage and address these issues. 

Proper care, including daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups, will help ensure your crown lasts for years.

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